Solana PFP NFTs Are Exploding: Check Them Out

[ad_1] Solana has emerged as one of the frontrunners in pioneering the NFT experience for the crypto community. Solana-based NFTs are creating ripples in the crypto market for the right reasons. The network has 50K TPS with a transaction fee of $0.00025 and 400 milliseconds of immediate block finality. Recently, it is the Solana PFP … Read more

Roaring Leaders NFTs With The 1st NFT Mutual Fund to $500k in a Week

[ad_1] Roaring Leaders is a collection of deflationary 10,000 generative NFTs on Ethereum. The artwork for the PFPs includes ~200+ handcrafted traits. That’s quite the number of traits, right? Well, they did it to capture the spirit and energy defining the leaders of the world represented by the lions and tigers of the jungle! Another … Read more

Play to Earn: How Gamers are Earning $1,500 Every Month

Play to Earn: How Gamers are Earning $1,500 Every Month

[ad_1] In the past decade or two, the gaming industry has evolved dramatically, from hand-held gaming devices to sophisticated VR consoles. Since their inception, though, video games have been popular among a sizable section of the global population. So much so that the gaming market is currently at $178 billion in 2021, expected to surpass … Read more

Solana: The Blockchain That Grew By 2000% In 8 Months

[ad_1] Whenever we talk about blockchain and cryptocurrency, we first tend to think about Bitcoin and Ethereum. That is mostly because they have the largest market cap. But there are several other altcoins and blockchains that are showing a lot of promise. One such project is Solana. Having crossed $40 billion in market cap, Solana … Read more