Geist Accumulates $11.1 Billion in Locked Value Three Days after Launching as DeFi on Fantom gains Momentum

Geist accumulates $11.1 billion in locked value three days after launching as DeFi on Fantom gains momentum

[ad_1] Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a rapidly growing subsector of the cryptocurrency ecosystem that is reshaping the face of the global financial infrastructure and offering people from all walks of life access to banking and financial services. The smart contract capabilities of the Ethereum network and the platform’s first-mover advantage resulted in a majority of … Read more

Folks Finance to Use Algorand Virtual Machine for DeFi


[ad_1] Algorand recently updated its Virtual Machine (AVM) that simplifies and reinforces smart contracts to build new dApps. In addition, Folks Finance, the capital market protocol, recently announced using AVM for its DeFI operations. The integration will see Folks Finance using the Algorand Virtual Machine to develop a decentralized money market protocol. The protocol will … Read more

Telos EVM is Many Steps Ahead of its Competition

[ad_1] The adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology over the past decade has brought forth many innovations in multiple sectors. Blockchain is one of the most significant milestones of the new century, and many industries are beginning to take advantage. Although Bitcoin was the crypto vanguard, Ethereum is, to many people, one of the most … Read more

Knit Finance and Kyber Network Team Up for Liquidity Solutions

Knit Finance and Kyber Network

[ad_1] DeFi News Knit Finance and Kyber Network are teaming up for a strategic collab. The collab will create market options and boost liquidity for both platforms’ assets. Both networks’ assets will also be able to operate on multi-chain. Decentralized Protocol Knit Finance is teaming up with Kyber Network, a liquidity hub, for a strategic … Read more