Facebook’s Outage Confirms Bitcoin Is Best With Decentralized Nature

[ad_1] A report confirms that decentralized nature of blockchain technology is far better than centralized because centralised platforms have issues because of the controllers.  Few days back, Facebook & Whatsapp platforms went down for 6-7 hours and in that interval of time many people needed to shift to another social media platform like telegram.  The … Read more

Sri Lanka Welcomes Proposal To Implement Crypto Mining And Blockchain

[ad_1] Sri Lanka is ready to bring digitisation and advancement in the financial system through the adoption of the blockchain and Cryptocurrency. On 8 October, The Director General of Government Information of Sri Lanka, Mohan Samaranayake shared a letter, which clearly shows that the authorities of Sri Lanka are ready to bring lots of opportunities … Read more

200 USDT Futures Bonus on MEXC Exchange (Free)

[ad_1] The future market drives the maximum revenue for most of the crypto exchanges, and that’s what driving a slew of promotions from many notable crypto exchanges to attract crypto traders who trade in the futures market. For any crypto users, this is an opportunity to earn 200 USDT by just joining or participating in … Read more

NuCypher Price Prediction 2021-2022: Market Analysis and Opinions

[ad_1] What is the NuCypher coin? NuCypher is an Ethereum token that can be staked to run a node on the NU network. It describes itself as a threshold cryptography network that delivers decentralized apps and protocols with data privacy and key management. NuCypher Price Prediction: Introduction We use price action patterns, statistical modeling, and … Read more

Cryptoday 052 – Ang Muling Pag-Akyat ng Bitcoin sa $55k at ang Paglikom ng Axie Infinity ng $152M

[ad_1] Magandang umaga mga ka-crypto! Kasalukuyang lagpas ng $50K ang presyo ng $BTC makaraan ang pahayag ng Federal Reserve Chair na si Jerome Powell, na ang US ay walang balak i-ban ang Bitcoin, taliwas sa ginawa ng China. Sa isang demokratikong bansa tulad ng Amerika, mag-aakala ka na natural lang na ganito dapat ang kanilang … Read more

Bitcoin News today (09.10.2021) | Neironix

[ad_1] At the moment, the price of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency on the Binance today 09.10.21 is 54 933.51$. The daily trading volume was 15 773 400 000.00$. The price change was 0.53293%  You can take part in cryptocurrency trading on the Binance exchange Neironix doesn’t predict the Bitcoin rate. If you need the latest forecasts of … Read more

US Justice Department Creates New Task Force to Fight Cryptocurrency Ransomware Attacks


[ad_1] The rise in ransomware attacks over the past year has now forced the United States to increase its efforts in fighting these attacks. The Justice Department is now creating a new task force to crack down on hackers using digital currencies to conduct their attacks. Ransomware Attacks using Digital Currencies A recent publication by … Read more

Hey You Guys! Get Ready for GoonieDAOs

[ad_1] Aragon • Oct 8, 2021 • 3 min read DAOs are now simple and cheap enough for kids to start fundraising and building global projects together. Web3 is growing up fast, and Web2 is gettin’ a wedgie. GoonieDAOs Goon Docks, Cryptoverse If crypto were The Goonies, we’re at the stage where we know that … Read more